Centrepoint Recruitment F.A.Q's

Q: What happens after my interview??
A: Your Consultant will

Q: Do I have to pay for the service?
A: No, our clients/employers who instruct us pay our fees.

Q: What do you need from me, so you can find me a job?
A: Send us your CV or fill in the registration form on the website and we will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, ring us for a Centrepoint Application Form.

Q: How will you contact me if you have a job of interest to me?
A: We will either phone, or email you.

Q: I haven't told my present employer that I'm looking for a job, will you be discreet?
A: Yes. Your details are kept confidential.

Q: What happens in the event that you haven't been successful in finding me a job?
A: If on the rare occasions that we can't find you a job, we keep your details on file and keep searching for you, until instructed otherwise.